7 Editions of Pure Knowledge

The very best in FPS get around to share their experience in days of intensive learning

A Legacy

Inspired by Excellence and Innovation, MyFace Academy has been a landmark for years with its' carefully designed course path and unique approach to learning, only possible with the illustrious speakers.

MyFace Academy is the leading meeting to consolidate your expertise in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery.

The Learning

Year after year, the attendees actively participate in:

Intensive Learning classrooms with case-based lectures
Technical-focus videos
Round tables
Live Surgeries
Anatomy Masterclasses and complementary lectures
Unguided Lab Dissections

The Experience

Surgical Experience
Cadaver Dissection
Facial Plastic Symposium
Delivered by our world-class faculty, covering topics such as Preservation Rhinoplasty and Deep Plane Facelift

By a Renowned Faculty

A distinguished team of professionals covering multiple disciplines and approaches

Fazil Apaydin

Facial Plastic Surgery

Izmir, Turkey

Ramon Medel

Oculoplastic Surgery

Barcelona, Spain

Leandro Pellarin

Plastic Surgery

São Paulo, Brazil

Jonathan Sykes

Facial Plastic Surgery

California, usa

Andrew Jacono

Facial Plastic Surgery

New york, usa

Hesham Saleh

Facial Plastic Surgery

London, UK

José António Patrocínio

Facial Plastic Surgery

Uberlândia, Brazil

Yves Saban

Facial Plastic Surgery
Maxillofacial Surgery

Nice, France
" There’s a multi-disciplinary, cross-pollination of ideas between surgeons from all over the world and from different fields, bringing all elements together for Maximum Learning. "

Andrew Jacono

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