Day 1 - June 17

Day 1 will bring you another edition of the Facial Plastic Symposium, making it possible for you to actively participate in an intensive learning classroom with case-based lectures, technical-focus videos and round tables.

Guided Surgery Pass
holders will have the unique opportunity to co-operate side-by-side with one of our faculty's world-class surgeons.

Day 2 and 3 - June 18 - 19

Days 2 and 3 will give way to live surgeries, CadLab, anatomy masterclasses and complementary lectures.

Full Pass holders will take part both in the Eyes-On Experience, and the Hands-On Lab Dissection, while General Pass holders can watch it all from the comfort of the ample auditorium.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is currently under revision.

If you opt for the Full Pass, you will be able to pick your course focus — Rhinoplasty or Oculoplastic & Face — and take on the Eyes-On Surgical Experience and the Hands-On Lab Dissection.

For the Eyes-On Experience, you will be offered the opportunity to be inside the operating room, assisting the main surgeon in a live procedure. The Hands-On Lab Dissection will be dedicated to our classical cadaver dissection course, where you will be performing aesthetic procedures, with demonstrations by the course faculty.

For the first time this year, we're having six exclusive one-to-one guided surgeries, where you can perform alongside one of six world-class surgeons. These surgeries will take place on Day 1 and Day 2 and are limited to six Guided Surgery Pass holders only.

All invaluable opportunities for you to learn from first hand experiences, delivered by our world-class faculty.


General pass

Nasal Anatomy and Dissection Planes

8h30 - 13h00

Nasal Dorsum

When to Preserve the Dorsal Line - Main Concepts

When to Directly Resect the Dorsal Hump

Reshaping and Sculpting the Nasal Dorsum

Controlling the Radix

Camouflage Maneuvers

13h00 - 14h00


14h00 - 19h00

Nasal Tip

Preservation Concepts

Tip Suturing

Tip Structuring, Main Concepts in Tip Support

The Lateral Crura Management

Revision Rhinoplasty

Guided Surgery Pass


Surgery 1 - Room 1

Vitaly Zholtikov

Surgery 2 - Room 2

Charles East


Surgery 3 - Room 1

Abdulkadir Goksel

Surgery 4 - Room 2

Olivier Gerbault

General Pass

14h00 - 18h00

Edited Video Session - Rhinoplasty

Video 1 - Abdulkadir Goksel

Video 2 - Enrico Robotti

Video 3 - Charles East

Video 4 - Oren Friedman

Video 5 - Vitally Zholtikov

Video 6 - Olivier Gerbault

18h00 - 19h00

Live Lab Dissection Masterclass

Nasal Anatomy - Yves Saban

Nasal Anatomy - Charles East

Full Pass (group 1)

09h00 - 17h00
Lab Dissection

Oculoplastics & Face

Full pass (group 2)

General Pass (Livestream)

8h00 - 10h30
Live Surgery

Live Surgery (room 1)

J Carlos Neves

10h30 - 13h00
Live Surgery

Live Surgery (room 2)

Mario Ferraz

Guided Surgery pass


Surgery 5 - Room 1

Yves Saban

Surgery 6 - Room 2

Sousa Vieira

General Pass

14h00 - 15h00

Live Lab Dissection Masterclass

Oculoplastics - Ramon Medel

Face - J Carlos Neves

15h00 - 19h00

Aging face Workshop




Full pass (group 1)

General Pass (Livestream)

8h00 - 10h30
Live Surgery

Live Surgery (room 1)

Baris Çakir

10h30 - 14h00
Live Surgery

Live Surgery (room 2)

Emre Ilhan

Full Pass (group 2)

09h00 - 17h00
Lab Dissection



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